Veterinary clinic in Moscow around the clock

The veterinary center “In Good Hands” was opened in June 2019. In our team of vet doctors, we have brought together more than 50 strong internists, surgeons and highly specialized specialists in veterinary medicine. Among the specialists there are those who have many years of experience in other clinics, and there are those who were raised by our chief doctors from students.

We have English speaking experts.

We are unique in that we take a global approach to animal health and focus on preventive measures.

We work around the clock.
We treat patients by appointment and without it, we also accept pets for emergency care.
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By choosing a round-the-clock veterinary clinic in Moscow “In Good Hands”, you can count on excellent treatment and excellent service. At In Good Hands Veterinary Clinic, we have assembled an experienced team of veterinarians to provide you with the best treatment and prevention for your pet. Our doctors are experienced in all types of pet diseases and have the most modern methods of treatment. We strive to make your beloved pets feel calm and safe in the veterinary clinic “in Good Hands”. Our veterinary clinic on Profsoyuznaya is equipped with modern equipment, it is comfortable and cozy. The round-the-clock veterinary clinic “in Good Hands” is conveniently located near the Novye Cheryomushki metro station.

Principles of our work with pets:

  • Professionalism
  • Sincere care
  • Honesty
  • Fair value
  • Comfort for the pet and comfort for the owner

We use equipment that meets high quality standards and allows you to quickly and accurately obtain data for diagnosis and treatment:

  • Ultrasound
  • Х-ray
  • Equipment for endoscopy
  • Devices for the use of microsurgery
  • Phacoemulsifier
  • Own laboratory

An online consultation for pet owners in English is also available in our veterinary clinic.

Our contribution to the creation of a conscious society:

  • We actively work with charitable foundations and volunteers who save dogs and cats.
  • We are actively promoting the prevention of rabies.
  • We provide more than 100 jobs without staff turnover

Vet Clinic on Profsoyuznaya

The veterinary clinic is located at st. Profsoyuznaya house 58 bldg. 4 and serves the streets adjacent to the metro stations Novye Cheryomushki, Kaluzhskaya, Profsoyuznaya, Leninsky Prospekt. Vet clinic m. Novye Cheryomushki “In Good Hands” is waiting for you!

Come, call, come, we will be glad to see you and solve your problems. Our calling is to treat animals and we do it well.

To make an appointment with an English-speaking doctor, write to

We take care of our patients the way we would like to be taken care of. And we love animals.

Prices and cost of veterinary services

Services list

Cost in rubles

RE-APPOINTMENT of therapist/surgeon of the 1st category 1200 ₽
RECEPTION OF THERAPIST 2nd category 2750 ₽
RE-ACCEPTATION of a category 2 therapist for the current disease within a month after the first visit 1750 ₽
RE-APPOINTMENT of a category 3 therapist for the current disease within a month after the first visit 4000 ₽
RECEPTION surgeon category 2 3500 ₽
RE-RECEPTION of a category 2 surgeon for the current disease within a month after the first visit 2500 ₽
RECEPTION of the therapist-dermatologist Leonova Anastasia 3500 ₽
RE-APPOINTMENT of the therapist-dermatologist Anastasia Leonova 2750 ₽
Online consultation of therapist/surgeon 1650 ₽
Online consultation of a narrow specialist 2800 ₽
Online consultation with Leonova Anastasia (therapist-dermatologist) on analyzes 1200 ₽

The cost does not include the necessary anesthesia and fixation of the pet

Cost in rubles

Vaccination, procedure (without the cost of the drug) 1650 ₽
Registration of a new veterinary passport 200 ₽
Chipping, procedure (without microchip cost) 2120 ₽
Entering chips (RF-tags) from third-party clinics into databases 2000 ₽

Pet check-up



Cost in rubles

Check up standard


  • General clinical blood test
  • Abdominal ultrasound with protocol
  • Taking blood
  • Therapist’s appointment
  • Consultation on the results of analyzes
  • Biochemical profile screening

6963 ₽

Check-up Special age of the cat


  • General clinical blood test
  • Biochemical profile of age
  • Hormone T4 total (VetUnion)
  • Abdominal ultrasound with protocol
  • X-ray 1 projection
  • Taking blood
  • Therapist’s appointment
  • Consultation on the results of analyzes
  • Tonometry

10 864 ₽

Check Up Kitten


  • Taking blood
  • Therapist’s appointment
  • Consultation on the results of analyzes
  • Test for viral leukemia/immunodeficiency
  • Luminescent diagnostics
  • Outdoor treatment
  • The drug “Selafort” — 1 piece (replacement is acceptable)

4963 ₽

Check Up Puppy


  • Therapist’s appointment
  • Consultation on the results of analyzes
  • Test for giardiasis
  • Oral drug administration
  • Taking a swab
  • The drug “Milbemax” — 1 tablet (replacement is acceptable)

3147 ₽

Check up

Healthy heart


  • Echocardiographic study
  • Cardiologist appointment
  • X-ray 2 projections

8856 ₽


  • Each Complex is applied only in full. In case of refusal of individual procedures, the price does not change.
  • Other promotions and discounts are not cumulative.
  • In the absence of the declared drugs, the doctor selects an analogue from the available drugs
  • Consultation on the results of the research is carried out by the attending physician as they are completed.
  • To do this, you need to sign up for an online consultation for the next doctor’s appointment.

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